Monday, September 15


... consist of 9 diffirent club in a house! Cool innit ??
  • Dragonfly & FireFly - mainly playing Canto pop & stuff at Level 2 [Firefly is where Bellini's use to be]
  • Next to FireFly is The Gallery Bar, cosy corner for you guys who would like to just chill & enjoy your drinks with ur company.
  • Dance your night away at Movida, the most happening club, playing world music with a Latin Band
  • Boiler Room for R&B, hiphop lovers ... Entrance from Peppermint Park
  • Power House only opens on Friday, Saturday ... Sunday is only by invitation only ...
  • Jazzy, Blues and evergreen @ Bellini's[currently relocated to Clark Quey- Bellini's Grande]

Outsdoor there's
Peppermint Park & Alley for chill out

Places to dig in ...
  • AH WOK serving contemporary Chinese cuisine
  • STATION KITCHEN mainly serves all kinds of authentic Asian
  • CHARCOAL ... Japanese Charcoal BBQ
Places to scream your lungs out or ...
known to others as "torture chamber" [yessss peeps! KTV lah~]
Mono Bar, located above Dragonfly, level 2

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