Monday, September 1


At times, I dont really know IF I just thinking too much
I agree with majority of men, women general - think too much

and because I m one, naturally i behave like one

Just found out today, a close friend of mine have been lying me to.
Maybe i should not use the word 'lie', he's got the rights to his own privacy.
But i felt hurt in a way that he's not telling me the truth when I asked.

I trust in him as he has helped me in many things in many ways...
He's been very kind & generous to me, taught & told me things i never knew ...

I m grateful for that, but I only ask for the truth when a questions is directed to him

I think i ought to read again the book "Why Men Lie & Women Cry" by Allen Pease & Barbera Pease
* Picture extract from PoLALA's_D@iliaR's

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