Thursday, May 14

All Whites!

My commonly use gadgets

iPhone 16gb *in white
I got this during Xmas. I was tooooo excited to do an open box thingee ( like many ppl do hehe) Not a bad deal, and I'm loving it till now, even though it failed on me a few times, unable to start, crashed, data lost... But still, its serving me till now.

PlayStation Portable [PSP] *in white
My favourite when I'm travelling long distance. Not only I can play games, I can upload movies onto it, save some music and photos too! Aint that good?! I'm sure those who have it knows how wonderful a gadget this is \(^o^)/ yey Sony!

MacBook (not pro) *in white
This is something new to me - Macintosh.
I'm still learning how to make full use of it till now. I'm pretty happy with it and using it mostly for photo editing. Since I have an iPhone, this suits just nice to make it a set of Apple I have \(^o^)/ hahaha ...

Balababa baba~ I'm Lovin' Em

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