Saturday, May 2

LAZY ...

Things that I should have done but cannot be done :

  • Photoshop is out of order
  • I have not selected photo to share ( toooo many photos I dont know which one to take out)
  • I should have draft my blog but I was not in the mood to write

But apart from that, I want to share something interesting with all. Yes, its about food, this time - snack...or should i say Health Snack ! (^^,)

I was told by a friend, that it is better to eat dried fruits than crisps ( aka Potato Chips) Well, if we can, the best is still fresh fruits of course! So those of you would like to try this, you can get it from Daiso Japan outlets, u can refer to my previous posts for location (or CLICK HERE) and try this!

I name this : Monk3y Food *teehee..*
& I'm Loving it!!~!!

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