Friday, May 8


This is found in the song 十二分十分寸 sang by Chow Yeun Fatt. Many people dont know about this song, only those were crazy about Canto Pop back in the 80's.

This song has been like my anthem during my primary school days, I love medleys! love them to bits! My bro has got a collection of these weird stuff and I will make sure i get enough dose of them before my mom starts screaming at me to start my homework!

Here is the song [part of the lyrics]
叉燒包 誰愛吃剛出籠的叉燒包
誰愛吃剛出籠的叉燒包 重有那蓮蓉包
菜肉包 魚翅包 豆沙包 應有盡有
廣東包 假使說你不愛吃廣東包
重有那各式各樣上海包 讓我來告訴你
成人饅頭大肉包 小籠饅頭菜肉包
你到底愛吃哪一樣 哪一樣
漢堡包 魚柳包 雞尾包 奶油包 菠蘿包
香港人到底愛吃廣東包 漢堡包 雞尾包 上海包
我最愛吃是叉燒包 o乜包囉

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