Thursday, May 21


Finally!! I hear from them after a good-damn LLLOOONNNGGGG wait!

Yes! a job interview I'm talking about. With an online advertising firm. I need to get myself prepared for this and I got to get this job NO MATTER WAT!! But as I think about it I'm starting to get nervous now...

What to wear ? How to style my hair? Heels or flats?
Teacher look or Super OL look!? with a coat or not ??

Then these thought pop into my mine; All the WHAT IFs - what if they think I'm not suitable for the job, what if they think I'm not experienced enough!? I'm no longer a fresh grad will they still take me in!?!? What if ....

Urghh~watever is it ... I gotta stop thinking too much and study the company profile. I got ONE WEEK to do it and I cannot fail this time!

Wish me luck~!


  1. All the best!! =D Just be yourself. BTW, I love the boots you're wearing in your profile photo. Where'd you get `em? (:

  2. hiya~
    Thx!!! i got the boots from HK, about SG$40


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