Wednesday, May 13

I use both sides equally?!

  • The RIGHT brain tries to say the colour
  • The LEFT brain tried to read the colour
Right brain individual:
Right brain individuals are intuitive, creative and imaginative. They are flexible and are concerned with the bigger picture rather than details. They are impulsive and spontaneous and do not like time limits. They have difficulty explaining ideas verbally and prefer illustrations to verbal instructions.
Architects, Artists, Salespeople, Psychiatrists, Musicians, Politicians, Teachers. (Interpersonal, Emotional, Musical, Spiritual, Talker.)

Left brain individuals:
Ledt brain individuals are analytical, articulate and to the point. They like identifying details and are more logical than intuitive. Left brained people have good communication and persuasion skills.
Engineers, Systems Analysts, Technicians, Accountants, Librarians. (Administration, Conservative, Organization, Planner, Structure.)

I have tried sales, teaching and always wanted to be an artist! So, right brain'er...
I have not been into and will never get into engineering, accounting or administrative jobs, hence CANT be a left brain'er, right ?
But then, the test said I use both equally?! So, what am I suppose to be? I use both sides equally ley ... no wonder I cant decide at all! hmmphh!

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