Sunday, May 10

Seriously Sinfull Part V

Have you tried this before ?!

Sharing today would be the history of one of my favourite chocolate - Mozartkugeln.
The history of the Mozartkugeln began in the place where the ingenious composer W.A Mozart was born in 1756; in Salzburg. In 1890 the Salzburg confectioner Paul Furst, a master of his art, created the Mozartkugeln- a composition of marzipan, nougat cream and bittersweet chocolate.

Even today, Mozartkugeln are being produced in the "Konditorei Furst" in Salzburg. The Salzburger company Mirabell used to produce their Echte Salzburger Mozartkugeln by hand according to the Mozartkugeln tradition. In order to meet the growing consumer demand, this laborious manual process was later developed into industrial production.

In the course of the years, Mirabell's Echte Salzburger Mozartkugeln, in their unmistakable red-and-golden octagonal box, because one of the most famous Autrian souvenirs all over the world.
I bought this from Macau airport. Its a different version whereby its in a heart shape box. Loved it to bits and I'm slowly enjoying them one by one; and ONLY 1 per week (^^, )
Hope this can last me long enough till I can find my next target *teehee*

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