Friday, May 15


I had this external hdd with me for quite sometime now. Ever since I switched to Mac, I have no ways to get all data transferred back into my ext hdd. Well, like they always say, " Once you're on a Mac, you'll never go back..." * lol and I don't intend to go switch back to Windows.

Mac is really a fun machine, I still have a lot to learn. Not to say that I am very good with Windows base PC/Notebooks, but I kinda partially gave up on them already.

Anyway, I just want to share something with new Mac user. Here is a vid'torials that teaches you how to format your ext hdd from NTFS ➜FAT32

Very useful tips & tutorial

... and here is a video of what I did... and I DID IT! just by following the tutorials...
I know its silly but its fun! I guess I can do better next time *lol

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