Thursday, May 7

Beauty Up ~

As usual I like DIY facial when I m free. Well it gives me a chance to get my fingers working on PSP again hehe. Sharing here will be product purchased online from Pichuya ; mostly products of Japan & Taiwan.

I usually go their eye mask and it works wonders! Well, need to catch up with some beauty sleep also, that helps a lot!

Eye Masks
Fair Eye Lift Mask
This prevents + removes puffiness; reduces dark circles ; refine aging. For better results, clean face thoroughly and use a warm face towel over your eyes, gently massage them for about 5mins on each side of the eye. Fast & easy application, it takes only 15-20min. Good for last min events (ie: when you not get enough sleep and you have important meetings to attend the next morning or a date, perhaps ? )

Crystal Rejuvenating Revitalising Eye Circle Mask
Almost the same as the product mentioned above but a different brand. I just tried this yesterday. Results : Comparable

Fruit & Flower Series
Left to Right : Lycopen Mask; Lavender Mask; Rose Mask
Lycopen Mask : Anti-oxident hehe
Lavender Mask : My personal fav !
Rose Mask :I love the scent of rose (^^,)
Helps to get a firm and elastic skin. It restores skin structure & makes your skin softens & radiant. It also retain & replenishes moisture in the skin to prevent wrinkle from forming; maintains youthful skin appearance too. All 3 are fast & easy application, it takes only 15-20min.

Hokkaido Lover Series
Hyluronic Acid Mask

L-Ascorbic Acid Whitening Mask

Both masks are good for retaining & replenishes moisture in the skin. Fast & easy application also, it takes only 15-20min and you can remove em.

My Beauty Diary Series
Left to Right : Natoo Rejuvinating Mask ; Provence Lavender Mask ; Red Vine Mask
For normal skin, apply one or twice a week for easy DIY facial maintenance. Again, my personal fav is still Lavender ( I love the scent of Lavender)

Spread the words, share the beauty tips with your friends and family (^^, )
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