Friday, May 8

Seriously Sinfull Part IV

This time round- Korean ! I can't really see what's the name of the place but it sure is a typical korean restaurant. Initially we were thinking of having BBQ but afraid the smell will stick onto our clothes for the rest of the night ( we still got a long night ahead...) So in the end we ordered steamboat.

Looking at the hot stove just reminds me of the 1st time i went to Korea for the real thing! It was awesome! I wish I get the chance to go again with my bro & sis-inlaw. Simply superb!

ok ok, back to the steamboat. This place is located at Jurong Point, new wing, I really cant recall the name of the place; but it was just right next to Ajisen Ramen.

Oooo ... look at the meat! Thinly sliced, so fresh too! Appetizers were different sorts of kim chi. I'm not really a fan of kim chi locally, but the ones I had in Korea were much better ( d'ohh... come! Its just as good as having Nasi Lemak served in a German Restaurant or Prata in Beijing ... )

Over all, it was a great meal though~ (^^,)

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