Wednesday, May 6


One night while hanging out with friends, suddenly all the lamest jokes came out from one another. I dont know if it was the food, the drink or the air but we were having a good laugh though. I'm sorry because I cant really share all the jokes 'cos some may be offensive (^^, )

A: U know the Ang moh and ppl from 'Soh Lean' is arguing about who is smarter right ?

B: Yea...

A: The Ang Mohs spent millions on inventing a special pen where u can use it in outer space, they succeeded. So it was a great achievement to them. But guess what the 'Soh Lean' ppl use?

B: Hmmm...
C: *thinking ....* Paint?

A: No gravity in outter space how to paint ... the paint will all turn into small balls like paint balls laaaa... LOL

B: True also ... then wat?

A: Use Pencil la u idiot!


**** *** *** *** ***

A: Eh U all know or not? Bull Frogs are Hokkien ?? U all dunno right ....?

B: Isit ? How u know?

C: His pet la, must be ....

"kua ...kua... kua..."

A: No, U all duno? When rain the frog will tell u he is cold

B & C: Huh?! * blank*

A: they go 'kua ... kua... kua ....' Telling you its cold ma
*kua - in hokkien means cold

I know its lame but hey ... just for laughs!


  1. LOL! Haven't heard the second joke before. Nice one. The first joke had another version where the American spent millions to develop the special pen while the Russian just used the pencil.


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