Monday, May 4

From 1 place 2another (Part III)

Here I am again, listening to Krazy by Pitbull; thinking of what to write for this post.
Well, its all about food and shopping again. LOL Whats new, right?

This is in Hong Kong, I took photo of the shop just in case I cant recall by the time I got back to blog about it
八方云集 - 旺角
Its a specialty shop that sells mainly dumplings... Mmm Mmmm my favourite! Its looks as nice ad the pictures on the menu; tastes as nice too

can see that one plate is not enough for us! haha We ordered to set, meaning 20dumplings! yummy~ Now let me demo how u eat `em

oooooohhh hot hot~ but nice~

*SMILES* Yummy wor!
Next stop- Tsim Sha Tsui aka TST for some shopping. I was at Esprit outlet but was too busy picking the clothes I wanted and was overjoyed that I have forgotten to take pictures! But hey, whats there to see - the standard red signboard only wor ... LOL

We were hunting for gold adi for Mei and this is what we got, well there are loads to choose from actually. Prices arent really that cheap also, so PASSED ...

After the long walk here and there, we went to HMV (yahoooo~ ) but really nothing much I fancy there but Haagen Dazz was just next to it heheh ... Need i say more ??
It was .... more then satisfying!

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